First of Many Arenas

Wed 13th Jul 2016 - 11:12am PC Hardware General Gaming

Over the past week Shadow Stalkers UK have been working very hard in collaboration with the staff at GAME Trafford to finish their very first Multiplay Gaming arena. On arrival we gathered together and checked all systems to make sure they were ready for the public. The Press and the managers of GAME, Multiplay and other gaming companies (Overclockers and HP) the group engaged to their task and completed it without fail.

The Element Gaming Carbon series Keyboard which they kindly allowed us to use, was used a lot over the week especially by our captain of the first CS:GO team many people came over with a great interest to the LED lighting, the feel of the keys and the overall shape and build. These people included the foothold of over 3000 people and other members of the CS:GO teams.

Element Gaming also sponsored our main prize for the raffle we ran over the week for our Gaming Charity Special effect raising over £60 for their cause.

This week has opened a lot of our eyes within our organisation with many opportunities on the table and being able to work closely with a major corporation within the UK has allowed us to continue what we do.

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