Sander Eng

    Why is your Nick SxndeR? Answer: well im not creative when i comes to choosing a nickname. When did u start playing cs?  Answer: late 2014. What is your role on the team? Answer: Support. Why do you have a interest in cs? Answer: i enjoy competetive games and find cs very hard to abandon so i decided to try and take the game serious. who your is role model in csgo? answer: Rain. Do you believe in this roster?  Answer: yeah i actually think we are going to do well....Read More

  • Bakkalao

    christer bakken

    First time i played cs was in 2009 and the game was css. I bought csgo in 2013 but didnt start to play it full time before 2015. Lurk Lurk Lurk :D was an awper before now i am Lurk ...Read More

  • m3r0

    Oliver Olsen

    Started playing CS:GO in late 2014, started to play competetively as an entry fragger in the final quarter of 2017....Read More

  • m1keyy

    Jannich Danielsen

    23 y/o Danish/English CS:GO player.    I am extremely happy to have been given the opportunity to represent Shadow Stalkers and I hope that the team can make them proud in the forthcoming months in the leagues we play in. Being the oldest in the team, but having played the game the least, started in December 2015 I put a lot of trust in my team and I hope that we can achieve greater things together....Read More

  • STresselt

    Sebastian Tresselt

    IGL ...Read More


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    06 Jan 2018