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  • Furious FroG


    I'm Paul "Furious FroG" and I'm currently the Top-laner for Shadow Stalkers Gaming! I'm playing league already since season 3 (2013). Since my beginning I already loved to play top lane. The first time I came in contact with eSports was at the LCS when I met a lot of pro players. From that point I found my passion for eSports and I loved the feeling to play against another team you really want to beat. Since then I decided "I want to become a pro gamer" ,but this will be a hard way! I played already in a lot of teams but they never were so competitive like having a manager or a coach. Through our manager I learned how a professional organisation could look like. It was a hard way to find the perfect roster (lacks of communication, not showing up, etc.) but finally we found one which really wants to play competitive and hopefully we will win big tournaments with the name of Shadow Stalkers Gaming!...Read More

  • Menzia

    Axel Rahn

    Hi ! I'm Menzia, midlaner for the SSG LoL line up !  I'm (almost) 21 years old, living in France. I started to play during the second season, and I'm playing mid since the third season began. I played a lot of assassins and high burst mages (don't count on me to protect you ^^) and I still like to play an offensive champion. I'm playing in this team, hoping to reach my dream : become one of the best midlaner in the world. Sounds stupid ? Maybe, but I'll try anyway ^^...Read More

  • Mystika


    Hey, Mystika there ! Playing as support for the SSE League of Legends line-up, I'm 25 years old and living in France. I started to play Lol at season 4, and decided to focus on the support role during season 5. Why supp ? Well, I always loved to play as a team but even more as a duo. See you on summoner rift :)...Read More

  • MiKRO

    Blagovest Ivanchev

    ...Read More


  • Position
  • 1st
    Baron's Brawl
    17 Jun 2017
  • 5th
    Wall of Legends Early Summer #36
    05 Jun 2017
  • 3rd
    5v5 Brawl - Weekly Qualifier
    04 Jun 2017