• minigwar

    William Price

    Hello, i am Will aka MiniGwar the Owner and Founder of Shadow Stalkers Gaming. I am 20 years old. My background has always been gaming and now i am aiming to take myself to the next level. With a professional background in IT Hardware and working in the heart of the gaming community. I am a highly competitive PlayUnkown's Battlegrounds player and i am aiming for the very top! More

  • Wizz4rrd

    Merlin Deramaix

    I'm Merlin "Wizz4rrd", the manager & head coach of the EU LoL line-up. I play League of Legends since late S1, early S2. Have been plat in the most seasons, even peaked diamond few times, played in a few teams and did a lot of online tournaments and a pair of LAN's. Then I had to stop LoL competitively in early S5 because I couldn't invest enough time at the game because of my studies. I recently came back and decided to invest myself again in the game but in another way. Lot's of players have always been cheering my up for my macro and  game vision/understanding, so I thought I could bring this to a team. Since early Janurary 2017 I integrated Shadow Stalkers Gaming as manager & head coach of the LoL line-up. I hope bringing those guys as far as they could be brought. For my IRL: I'm 21 years old, living in Belgium, studying Law at the KULeuven University. I'm also international fencing referee, sport in wich I'm really involved and invested. ...Read More