• minigwar

    William Price

    Hello, i am Will aka MiniGwar the Owner and Founder of Shadow Stalkers Gaming. I am 20 years old. My background has always been gaming and now i am aiming to take myself to the next level. With a professional background in IT Hardware and working in the heart of the gaming community. I am a highly competitive PlayUnkown's Battlegrounds player and i am aiming for the very top! More

  • kleokl7

    Kleanthi Vongli

    Started playing LoL late season 3 and have been playing 500+ games since per season. Never made it out of diamond sadly but tried to learn a lot through experience, watching educational videos/streams and following the pro scene. I have a Bachelor degree in Management and personal experience gives me the ability to be a good Team Manager. Currently attending university for my masters degree in Marketing and trying to make the most from my LoL hobby....Read More